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Transcription services rates per hour & per minute.

Looking for our Transcription Services Rates? Per hour or Per minute?

YOUR PROJECT IS STRAIGHT FORWARD: Use our quote form to calculate your TOTAL PROJECT COST before we start, then email the quote to yourself to lock in the transcription rates for 30 days.

YOUR PROJECT IS A BIT COMPLEX: Is the project a bit complicated? Templates? Large files? Payment via Invoices? Probably best to call us or chat online and we can put together a more tailored quote and email it through to you.

With all our rates there are no “hidden” or “extra” charges. The project will also include our unique 200% guarantee on achieving 98% accuracy (with all clearly recorded orders), as well as our guarantee to actually meet the deadline you set.

Base Transcription Rates.

Transcription rates at Transcript Divas are dependent on two things, turnaround time and difficulty.

    1. Turnaround Time: The longer the turnaround, the more time we have to complete your project and thus the lower the rate.
    2. Difficulty: A number of factors can increase the time it takes to transcribe a recording, and therefore the transcription rates. The factors that make some projects more difficult to transcribe are detailed on the quote and order forms (e.g. more than two people talking, unclear recordings, accents etc.).

If you would like to compare our transcription rates to other Australian transcription services please see our  2018 Review of Australian Transcription Rates.


TURNAROUND TIME: The sooner you send through the project the lower the rate will be. Do not wait to complete the entire project – get some of it off to us as soon as it is recorded!
UNCLEAR RECORDINGS: The biggest factor that we see impacting recording quality and thus increasing client transcription rates is noisy recording environments. The nosier the environment, the longer it will take to transcribe, and the higher the rates need to be to cover the time it will take to transcribe. Take the time to find a quiet room, or a quiet time of the day when planning your interview or group. If working with a group, set a ground rule that only one person speaks at a time. After controlling background noise and respondents talking over one another, the next step would be to invest in some quality recording equipment. We commonly recommend the zoom H1, and if possible, the use of an external mic like a lapel/tie clip mic.

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