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Transcription Jobs

JOB SEEKERS: DO NOT Call, Email, or Live Chat. We will review your application (within 30 days) and contact you if you are looking like a good fit.

NOTE: Project Supervisors who ANSWER the phones, email, and Live Chat, do not do the recruitment. They will only direct you to the page that you are currently on so you can apply. We are simply overwhelmed with applications at present.

Our vision of a great transcription service is not only to provide reliable, fast and affordable transcription services to our clients, but also to give our transcriptionists – the Divas –  a fantastic transcription job!

Transcription JOBS: Who can be a Diva?

Transcription Jobs Australia Work from home.

Love to work from home with flexible hours? Love a short commute? Like to wear a dressing gown at work? Then a transcription job as an independent contractor with Transcript Divas could be for you!

What sort of people are we looking for? We have all sorts of Divas working for us, but what they share is the ability to deliver on time. They like to get things right, and they realise that over-delivering to our clients secures the Diva-dom for everyone.

They see themselves as a “can-do”, responsible person. They see themselves, in essence, as an independent small business owner and they take pride in the work they deliver to their clients.

How much CAN YOU MAKE DOING Transcription JOBS? – honest INFO.

Transcript Divas are not about taking advantage of people or trying to maximise our profit at the expense of our team.  Honest work. Deserves honest pay. We aim to beat the average hourly rate for transcriptionists working in Australia, plus with us you get the benefits of being your own boss, a small business owner. Set your own times, work from wherever you want in Australia.

We pay our team based on how many minutes of the recording they transcribe. The rates to transcribe a minute of recording vary based on a range of factors. Basically, the longer we think it will take to transcribe a recording, the higher the rates we offer to type. For example, having more than two speakers in a recording takes longer to transcribe, so the rate for that would be more. So, how much do you pay?

In MARCH 2021, and based on the Living Wage in Australia the average rate was $2.58/minute. The maximum was $3.64/minute of recording transcribed and was a same day and might of had more than two speakers, or had some other difficult aspect to it. The minimum rate we paid was $2.02/minute of recording to be transcribed. This would have been a straight forward, single speaker or basic interview with a very long turnaround.


We engage our contractors under the Australian Government Fair Work framework. Independent contractors have different benefits, rights and obligations to employees. This is because contractors provide services to another person or business, as opposed to being employed by that person or business. This means it’s important to understand the difference between the two. You will need an ABN and have clients beyond the work you will do for us, as well as fulfill the standard government contractor responsibilities.

Want to be a Diva? then apply for a transcription job today!

Our acceptance standards for job applicants are high. This is to ensure that we deliver our 200% Guarantee to clients. We are looking for transcriptionists whose standards are equally high. If this sounds like you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note, the Diva-dom gets 5-10 applications for Transcription Jobs a week so we can only contact applicants we are looking at taking to the next stage of the process.If you are approved by Human Resources, we will contact you for a phone interview.Good Luck.

  • Sending us a resume is NOT optional. We need to know who we are trusting.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx.
  • All contractors in Australia need to verify their ABN (Divas ABN page is HERE). Please look up YOUR ABN and post the link to your specific page: HERE
  • Please enter the country you will be working from. Evidence may be requested at later stages.
  • Please enter your first language.
  • If needed at a later stage, could you provide contact details of employers or clients who could verify your work experience and work quality? If you progress, we will be calling your references before we give you any work.
  • NOTE: There is often confusion with this, this is the length of the recording NOT the time you take to type it e.g. a 4-hour recording might take 16 hours to transcribe etc.