In March 2024, Transcript Divas Transcription Services transcribed
12,064 minutes of audio and video recordings
for 53 clients across Australia.

LOCAL HUMANS: Professional typists personally type your documents in Australia. No AI automated software. No work outsourced overseas. Accurate local knowledge, with confidentiality and security top priority.

COMPLIANT WITH AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY LAW AND UNIVERSITY PROCESS: Low stress. We make sure you are getting it right with IT and Legal. Secure and compliant under the new APP law.

Do you have time to correct transcripts? Probably not.
We get it right the first time. We know Illawarra is spelt with two r’s, and that the Sydney Swans are not actual swans.



At Transcript Divas, all transcripts are 100% human transcribed from start to finish. We research the name of that difficult to pronounce pharmaceutical or that visiting keynote speaker. We know that Illawarra is spelt with two l’s and two r’s.

We bring a human, tailored approach to fast turnaround and competitive-priced transcription services. Intelligent transcription services. Nothing artificial.

Our Guarantee: “We guarantee to meet deadlines for transcript delivery and to achieve  a minimum of 99% accuracy on clear recordings. If at any time, up to 14 days after we return the project, you find we did not meet our promise, we will provide a full refund and a credit for the equivalent time and service. This is our 14-day, Right the First Time 200% guarantee.” – Andrew Dodson (Founder).

Transcript Divas Transcription Services provides a unique 200% guarantee on our transcript services. No other transcription service stands behind its product like we do. We know how important it is for our clients to have accurate transcripts, and to get those transcripts back on time. We take the utmost care to ensure this happens. Every time.

Read client reviews: Unfiltered Australian Transcript Divas Reviews.

We’re always on the lookout for new and improved ways to support our clients’ success. Our team of dependable and knowledgeable experts is ready to lend a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can assist you!

Our philosophy in one word:

Andrew here. Founder, owner and the Wifi fixer. After 10 years of experience in developing and running online transcription services, I believe we have the processes in place and the expertise in our team to deliver tailored accurate transcripts, on time, every time. Issues with the service, call me direct on the office number 0280075559, or email me directly

We deliver transcription. Differently.

FAST: Same day and next day. Guaranteed timelines (see: our guarantee).
AFFORDABLE: We have the lowest transcription rates in Australia.
TAILORED: Need something different? We will craft the service to your needs.
ACCURATE: 200% guaranteed accuracy (see: our guarantee).

Fast. Same & Next Day Services

Same day & Next Day Services, backed by our 200% timeline guarantee.
Transcript Divas offer the fastest human transcription services in Australia. We can produce 2-hour same-day transcription turnarounds on most projects.

How much do Transcription Services cost?

We have the lowest Rates for an Australian based transcription team (June 2023). We reviewed the top 10 Australian transcription services on Google and we confirmed our rates are the best in the market. If you find a better rate, email us the quote. We should be able to better the rate. Confident? Yes.

Academic & Charity Transcription Discounts: Transcript Divas provide special rates for most Academic Transcription Services. For Australian-based charities, we can, in a lot of instances, provide significantly discounted transcription services (email us through the contact form).

A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work: Transcript Divas pay our team above the average pay for transcriptionists in Australia. We abide by Australian minimum & living wage legislation. Everyone deserves fair pay for a fair day’s work.

How do transcription services work?

We are on your team, we are here to help you succeed. Every client has a unique set of needs. Your assigned project manager is there to make sure we meet your needs.

Your project manager will be your first point of contact and they will personally oversee your project from start to finish. The project manager can help you get your orders detailed and recordings uploaded. They can offer advice on from how to best record, to placing orders on the order form.

So you have a project that is a little unique. No problem.
The project manager can create a custom format or template to fit your project.
Need us to sign up on a supplier contract or you might have a complex invoice and payment requirement? No problem.

How much is your time worth?

Too busy to spend hours correcting AI generated transcripts? Too busy to correct transcripts that were typed without a firm understanding of Australian slang, or place names? Transcript Divas are a totally Australian English “human-based” transcription service. Our typists are Native Australian English speakers. Compared to ALL other Transcription Services listed on the first page of Google, Transcript Divas have the lowest rates for a Human Transcription Service in Australia. We are worth it.

Academic Transcription Services

We transcribed 8,034 minutes of academic research in March 2024.

– A BIG academic discount.
– Approved University ethics confidentiality agreements – data security, retention and control over.
– Payment options via University grants/finance/invoice. Not upfront.
– Research software-friendly transcript options e.g. NVivo.
– Fine control over what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ included.
– De-identification/Anonymization options.
– Your own on-call Project Manager who will remember your project
(and your name).

Closed Captioning & Open Captioning Video Transcription Services.

We transcribed both for corporate marketing and series.
– Same Day & Next Day options.
– Compliant to W3C Australian Broadcast standards (not AI-generated)
– Template options. Tailored to your needs.
– Timecode options. Tailored to your needs.
– Click through confidentiality agreements.
– Weekend delivery (help keep you on schedule).
– Your own on-call Project Manager who will remember your project (and your name).