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Academic Transcription Services

Transcript Divas Academic Transcription Services have been lead providers to top Australian universities for the past five years. We have completed large projects for nearly all of the larger academic institutions in Australia.

Transcript Divas are key providers to some of the largest universities in Australia. We transcribe projects for both faculty staff and students from University of Sydney, Monash and the University of Melbourne to name a few.

Tailored to you. Clients can upload custom transcript templates, indicate specific transcript preferences and be assigned your very own personal project manager to call or email directly. We will guide your project through the process.

Secure. Our uploads and storage are encrypted. Our process will pass your university data security policy and our director can personally review and sign a confidentiality agreement within 12 hours. Simply send files through zipped folders using 7zip.

Confidential. Based on extensive experience working within the academic arena we have developed a Transcription Confidentiality Agreement that aligns with most Ethics Approval requirements. You can download, sign and send us this agreement. We are, of course, happy to sign client confidentiality agreements as requested.

Academic Transcription Services discounts

We have the lowest Australian based transcription rates on Google. Talk to us about how we can fit into your transcription budget. To qualify for our discounted academic rate, projects must:

  • Be one to one interviews (that is, not more than 2 people talking)
  • be clearly recorded (for example, quality you might expect to hear on the radio)
  • be longer than 4 hours (that is, 240 mins)
  • be required in no less than 14 business days
  • provide a university-based contact email address.

University invoiced based payment. No need to pay online or upfront. Don’t worry, we’ve directly invoiced a lot of different university departments, hundreds of times. It will be smoother than a quantum atom mirror.


Don’t know where to start? We’re experts at this – our local project manager can walk you through the options. We’re on your team – call us today.


We are trusted, reliable with Australian based typists.  We provide a 200% guarantee on both timelines and accuracy. No other transcription service in Australia stands behind their service like we do.

  • Signed university approved confidentiality and ethics agreements – you can download our agreement or upload yours for us to sign on the order form.
  • Vast experience in dealing with Australian University based finance and grant processes – we send invoices after the project is completed (not before).
  • Australian based Secure Infrastructure – Australian data hosting. We abide and are accountable to Australian privacy and confidentiality law.

Do I Qualify for the Academic Transcription Services Discount?

To qualify for the academic rate you need.

  1. To order with a university-based email address.
  2. To  have more that 240 minutes of recording for transcription in the order.
  3. Be happy with a 14 business day wait time until you get your transcripts back. If you would like a shorter turnaround – email us. We might be able to work out an earlier date depending on workloads on our end.