About Us.

Our Business. Built on trust.

Transcript Divas Australia is an Australian registered Transcription Service and have been operating since 2012 (view our business registration here: ABN 44 925 005 362). Client data is stored on our Sydney based server and all our typists are Australian based. We are fully compliant with Australian Privacy Laws (view our OAIC data registration: here)

We have all the necessary arrangements in place to engage in both federal and state government contracts. We maintain both Professional Indemnity ($2 million coverage), as well as Public Liability ($10 million coverage) insurance.

We are among a select group of Australian Transcription Services that hold registration with the OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner), the regulatory body overseeing privacy laws in Australia (see: Transcript Divas Privacy Registration).

As part of our registration with OAIC – we are bound to the Government Privacy Code governing both Market and Social Research.

We have over 50 genuine client reviews on Google, with an average of 4.9 stars.

The Beginning.

Andrew here. Before starting Transcript Divas, I was working as a social researcher for a number of public, private, and charity organisations. While doing this work, I was interviewing a broad range of people for the various research assignments and was using a number of transcription services, to get those interviews typed up so I could analyse what was being said.

While doing this, I discovered an issue. Most transcription services could only offer a one-day or two-day turnaround at best, and there was no assurance that the transcripts would arrive on time or that they would even be accurate. There was a lack of assurance that the data was actually staying in Australia under Australian privacy laws (something as a researcher was part of my agreement with research participants). It felt like I was entrusting my recordings (and project) to anonymous online services and just hoping for the best outcome.

After being let down one too many times, and at critical critical moments, I assembled my own team of skilled typists whom I could rely on.

As time passed, I started offering these services to my friends and associates, who then recommended us to others. With each project, our processes became faster, our team expanded, and received positive reviews from clients. Soon enough, we found ourselves listed on the first page of Google. That was 2012.

Amber – Project Manager

Hello, I am Amber. I will be the one managing your project at Transcript Divas from the start – to the finish. Taking your calls, sending out quotes, answering technical questions, processing orders and generally ensuring your project is returned on time and to your expectation.

I have more than two decades of experience in customer service and operations management working for a range of international retail and service organisations. Outside of work, you’ll find me enjoying fitness, tending to my garden, and trying to keep up with my four active boys. I am dedicated to providing top-notch service and helping you achieve your goals. Hear from you soon!

The Team.

To keep within the bounds of Australian privacy laws and the APP we store and type client recordings within Australia. We do not use AI or automated text-to-speech software as this too can result in international data transfer, creating issues for organisations both for maintaining their own confidentiality agreements and also under the APP legislation.

Our team of professional transcriptionists are all based in Australia. No work is outsourced to typists working overseas. Your private recordings are stored on our server in Sydney and we exclusively only have Australian typists on our team to type projects.

Our team of transcription professionals are carefully curated. We conduct thorough interviews and credential checks for all team members. Our transcriptionists come from a diverse range of specialities, including backgrounds in legal, court and medical transcription. They are adept at working in fast-paced environments, they understand the need for strict confidentiality, delivering on accuracy and meeting deadlines. Many of our team members have been with us for years.

If you need more information on joining the team, see here: Transcription Jobs. We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join us in delivering top-notch transcription services.