Certified Transcription Services

A certified transcription, is a transcript with a certificate of authenticity. Your transcriptionist will sign and certify that the transcript, to the best of their ability, is a true and accurate transcript of the recordings provided (see below for an example and exact wording). 

affidavit – Justice of the PEACE

An affidavit can also be gained through a Justice of the Peace (JP) for your transcripts. Unlike a certificate of authenticity – A Justice of the Peace meets the transcriptionist, checks the identity of the transcriptionist who then swears/affirms in front of the JP that the transcript/s are a true and accurate transcript to the best of their ability of the recordings provided (see here for more info on the standard procedure in Australia ). Please identify when requesting an affidanvt for what court it is for – as some coruts vary on how the affidavit may be set out (see: HERE) or here for a simple NCAT

The process (flat processing fee of $60/affidavit).
– We will book an appointment with a JP.
– The JP will meet with the transcriptionist from your project.
– The JP will verify the transcriptionists’ identity (as per passport, driver’s license etc.).
– The transcriptionist will take an oath or affirmation that the contents of the transcripts are a true and accurate representation of the recordings.
– The transcriptionist will sign in front of the JP the affidavit.
– The JP will stamp and sign the affidavit identifying that they have witnessed the transcriptionist giving the oath/affirmation and that transcriptionist did indeed sign the certificate of authenticity (in the example below, the certificate includes an example of a standard notary stamp).