Certified Transcription Services

We can verify a transcript in two standard ways – signing a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY or creating a sworn affidavit.
To avoid extra time and fees for rechecking and reprocessing documents, requests to certify a transcript project are best made and confirmed via email before a project begins.

Certificate of Authenticity – $45

We can provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity. The transcriptionist who has completed the project will sign a declaration that your transcript is a true and accurate representation of the recording you supplied.

Certificate of Authenticity: Example.

Sworn Affidavit – $90

You can also request an Affidavit, where the accuracy of a transcript is sworn/affirmed in front of a Justice of the Peace. These stand up as evidence in court. They are more time consuming to set up than a standard certificate of authenticity and therefore attract a higher fee.

STEP 1: Select the matching affidavit template
Each type of court in Australia has a specific affidavit template. Get the right template for your court.

STEP 2: Complete the template with the correct case details
It is best for a legal representative to prepare the appropriate affidavit template for you, with the required information (e.g. case number, names of parties etc).

STEP 3: Email us the completed template
We will take your completed template, along with the copy of the transcript, to a Justice of the Peace for affirmation.

NOTE: Possible extra costs
In the unlikely event that additional costs arise from providing a sworn affidavit (e.g. needing to attend a court in person, filing complications, etc.) these will need to be covered by the client at our standard hourly rate of $45/hour plus expenses. (In ten years of doing affidavits, we have never needed to charge these additional fees!)