Legal Transcription Service NSW $3.85/min.

Transcript Divas are experienced at providing a range of legal transcription services for NSW legal processes. Including court transcripts for both NCAT and the higher NSW courts. Legal transcripts for the NSW Legal Aid network as well as transcripts for the wider legal community.

Transcript Divas Australia will manage your personal and health information in accordance the privacy principles contained in the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. For more information on our privacy processes see our privacy policy.

Legal Services – NCAT Court Transcripts.

We can provide quick, accurate and hassle-free NCAT court transcripts. Our team are all experienced NSW court typists. Your work will be completed in Australia by hand. No outsourcing. No AI. Our rates for legal transcription work are the lowest in NSW. Need it back quickly? No problem. Depending on the workload on our side, we can usually provide a same day or next day turnaround service.

We have provided hundreds of minutes of NCAT transcripts to legal teams across NSW, and we can for you as well. Fast, efficient and expert services.

Time needed: 15 minutes.



    If you don’t have a copy of the recording, you can REQUEST YOUR NCAT RECORDINGS HERE (we cannot request recordings on your behalf – you will need to do that directly). NOTE: It is best to request the delivery of the recording as a link via ’email’.


    Fill in our online order form, select the turnaround time you want, upload the court recordings / paste the links sent to you by NCAT and SUBMIT YOUR TRANSCRIPT ORDER HERE. If you need a quote from us first – you can GENERATE A QUOTE HERE. Questions? Jump onto our online chat and talk with the Project Manager (or just give us a call 02 8007 5559)


    We will review your order – and confirm it (normally within 3hrs.) We will assign one of our Australian-based court typists to your project and get to work on it ASAP.


    Depending on the turnaround time you have selected, we will return the completed transcripts as a word doc to your email when completed.


    Once you have had a chance to review the work we will send an invoice to the email you entered on the order form. Payment details will be included on the invoice and will include both bank-to-bank transfer and credit card information.

Legal Services – NSW Legal Aid & other NSW government agencies

Transcript Divas are an established transcription service supplier to a number of NSW government departments and agencies including the NSW Legal Aid network. We abide by the specific requirements set out for government agencies in the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. As well as requirements under the NSW Mandatory Notification of Data Breach (MNDB) Scheme (for more information see our privacy policy).

Legal Services – General.

Transcript Divas regularly provide transcription services to a wide range of NSW based legal teams. We regularly provide transcripts of;

  • Police interviews.
  • Body cam footage.
  • Lawyer/client meetings.
  • Audio & Video evidence and discovery.
  • Workplace Investigations.
  • Disciplinary Tribunals.