Video Transcription Services

Video Transcription ServicesVideo Transcription Services
at Transcript Divas have completed hundreds of hours of Video Transcription. We can keep to the tight deadlines in Video Production. You can trust us. We are on your team.


Video Transcription Service Process

STEP 1: Compress Files. Compress video to a small format before sending (e.g. .mp4). Why? It will speed up the upload time – a lot. If you do not have software to compress the files – we recommend this free software here.  Click here if you need: Closed Captions or Subtitles?

STEP 2: Dropbox Files. Upload the compressed files to Dropbox, using the Desktop Dropbox App (download app here). Why? If the internet connection is interrupted, poor quality, or the browser shutdowns, fails etc.  the upload will not break. It will silently keep uploading over the app in the background until done. If you have a fast internet connection – skip this step and upload files directly to our website.

STEP 3: Complete & Send the Order Form. Copy and paste the Dropbox links into the order form, or if you have a fast internet connection simply upload the files directly to us through the form.

STEP 4: Please Call Us. If it’s a “same day”, or “next day” turnaround, please call us. Sometimes we are busy. Though we can, nearly always, work with clients to fit their project in. We will try everything in our power to “make it happen”.

 – 200% Delivery Guarantee – 

We guarantee to deliver your Video Transcripts on time.
Same Day or Next Day Delivery. Call to secure your time slot.