Transcription service rates vary greatly between businesses so it is a great idea to compare rates before deciding who you want to work with. There are many types of transcription services available to suit a large range of businesses and tasks. Transcript Divas has taken away the hard work by providing comparisons for you below. 

How a transcription service can help you

  • Medical professionals use transcription services to transcribe medical reports, conferences or simply dictations. Transcriptionists are knowledgeable about medical terms and procedures and can, therefore, ensure an accurate service.
  • Lawyers find transcription services particularly useful. Lawyers use transcription services to transcribe witness statements or interviews, depositions, and police interviews. Transcriptionists can produce certified court transcripts.
  • Academics or charities use transcriptions services for research projects for transcribing interviews or discussion groups. Don’t spend your life writing up research and analysing content, have the professionals do it for you. 
  • Production companies also benefit from transcription services to help with editing and post-production tasks. Services include basic time-coded transcripts, dialogue transcripts and detailed as produced transcriptions.
  • Companies use transcription services for conference calls, meetings or interviews. These can be useful to media companies who need quick accurate turn around times to meet tight deadlines.

Transcription Service Rates

In May 2018, using Google, Transcript Divas searched for the top 10 transcription services in the Australia, 6 replied.

We attempted to establish the transcription rates on a per minute of recording basis for clearly recorded one to one interviews.

After analysing the services, Transcript Divas Australia came out on top. The Divas had one of the lowest transcription rates in the Australia, and were the only service to offer a 200% guarantee on both time lines and accuracy.

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Transcription Service rate variants.

Transcription Service rates are impacted by different variants. Essentially the easier the transcript the cheaper the cost. The most common factors taken into consideration are:

  • The clarity of your audio files is affected by how much background noise there is. The more background noise the harder it is for a transcriptionist to hear the speaker/speakers. This means it takes longer to transcribe the audio. Also if your voice recording is of poor quality it can often mean the voices are difficult to hear.
  • The number of people talking in your audio impacts on the transcription service rate. The more speakers the harder it is to transcribe and the longer it takes.
  • Turn around time impacts the transcription service rate. In short, the quicker you need the file the more it will cost. If you require a rushed turn around it will usually require more than one transcriber at a time. It is therefore financially beneficial to plan ahead for your transcription projects
  • The detail you require in your transcript often impacts on the transcription service rate. Put simply the more detail you require for example time codes or names the more costly a project will be.
  • Accents that are difficult to comprehend will mean you are charged more for your transcription.

In conclusion, a transcription service can help you and your company while also being affordable and cost-effective. Hence the best way to ensure an affordable service is to gain the best quality recording you can. It is especially important to plan ahead and allow as much time as possible for your transcription to be completed.

Finally, find out how Transcript Divas can help your business today.