Legal Transcription Services. 200% accuracy & timeline guarantee. Our clients include both major law firms and the courts themselves. Our team and the procedures we have in place ensure that your transcripts will be confidential. accurate. and back on time.

Hassle free transcription

  • Certified court transcripts
  • Australia Court reporting standards
  • 24-hour turnarounds
  • 60-second pain-free ordering
  • Very experienced courtroom reporters and legal secretaries
  • Secure and confidential

Our legal transcription services include

  • Legal dictation and correspondence services
  • Transcription services for depositions
  • Court transcription services
  • Transcription services for preliminary hearings
  • Transcripts of the proceedings of meetings and conferences
  • Verbatim legal transcription
  • Transcripts of sworn statements
  • Administrative hearing transcription
  • Police interviews
  • Transcriptions of arbitrations
  • Legal pleadings

-Legal Transcription- Our 4 Factor Model 


Transcript Divas “4 Factor Model” for our Legal Transcription Services define us in the industry. Our legal transcription team and the procedures we have in place ensure that your transcripts will remain confidential, will be accurate and arrive back on time. 

Factor 1: The Legal Transcription Team 

Our legal transcription team all have at least 3 years experience as either a Legal Secretary or as a Courtroom reporter. We keep our selection criteria tough because years of experience in this field has shown us one thing. Years of experience count!

The stock and standard definitions of Legal Transcription focus on two things, the necess
ity for accuracy and the necessity for understanding the legal services. With this in mind we realise that a good Legal Transcription Service starts with a good team.

Factor 2: transcript Accuracy 

Accuracy assurance is achieved through the use of 2 transcriptionists checking the document against the original recording before we send it back to you.

Factor 3: ConfidentialITY

All our transcriptionists have at least 3 years working in a legal environment, they sign legally binding confidentially agreements,  if you have your own we are also happy to have our Divas sign that as well.

Factor 4: Data Protect

All files are sent over an SSL encrypted Internet connection. All files are hard deleted 7 days after the project completion.

On request, files can also be password protected – this method ensures the maximum level of data protection. However,  this password method does require our clients to be able to upload software to their computers to decrypt the files.


Legal Transcription – Automated?

One question we do get asked often here at Transcript Divas is about automated software options for Legal Services.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the leading legal dictation transcription software.  The Legal transcription version has a ready to go bank of technical legal words already loaded.

For most straight dictation needs  – with one person talking clearly and precisely into a microphone, we recommend this solution as it is a lot more cost-effective.

Although highly accurate in straight clear dictation of one person speaking, the major drawback of automated software is that it will not work with more than one voice.

Automated software quickly becomes  “lost in transcription” with a THREE person conversation and totally lost in a group situation or a situation that has not produced a great quality recording. For these types of situations, we recommend human transcription services!