Why use our Medical Transcription Team?

A mistake in a medical transcription can have devastating personal and legal consequences.

Recently in Australia, a highly publicized mistake in a medical transcript almost led to a completely unnecessary breast removal operation for one patient.

We know the need for accuracy in medical transcription services is paramount.

Our Medical Transcription team has worked hard to develop a transcription system for the medical profession that delivers accurate, on time transcripts.

Australia Based Medical Transcription Team.

All work is performed in Australia (with most within the Sydney area) by English as a first language typists.  Transcript Divas do not outsource our work to other countries.  Keeping the work within Australia guarantees two things.

  • You and Diva HQ are protected by enforceable Australian privacy and confidentiality laws. Transcription work completed outside of Australia is NOT protected by Australian privacy and confidentiality law.
  • Better transcript accuracy and turnaround as your transcriptionist is accustomed to the Australian turn of phrase, colloquial expressions, and accents.

Experienced Medical Transcriptionists with at least 3 years work experience.

All our medical transcription team have at least 3 years actual on the ground experience in a medical or hospital transcription setting. This ensures, that they know what they are doing. Our medical transcription team know what is expected, they know the formats and the terminology.

HIPPA US Medical Data Protection compliant systems

Diva transcription systems and training is compliant with the US HIPPA Medical Transcription Security Protocols. This system of compliance covers IT systems, staff training, and secure data storage.