Large File Upload

Problems with large files

If you have a large file to upload and send to us (e.g. 1 GB) it is most likely your computer will disconnect from the Internet during the upload at some point, even for a split instant.

Breaks in connection happen quite regularly but often go unnoticed. This is a real problem when you are uploading a file to a website and your computer disconnects, even for a short time, the upload will fail. What to do?

Special Large File Services – saving the day.

Luckily, a number of “large file” services are available that deal with this problem. We recommend the widely popular Drop Box – it is free and good at the job.

Simply upload your file to the Drop Box service, using the desktop uploader. Unlike a web-based uploader, the desktop uploader enables uploading to be completed even when a connection is lost. The upload will run in the background until the upload is complete. Once the upload is complete Drop Box will then email you a link to the uploaded file.

Go to the Transcript Divas order form. Under the “How are you sending us the recordings?” question, select “send us links”. Paste the file links you received from Drop Box  in the transcription order form. Done.