What is you confidentiality policy?

Transcript Divas process transcripts for a wide range of clients who require the utmost privacy and confidentiality.  This includes transcripts for the Australian Courts, Medical Practitioners, and Lawyers. We have our own confidentiality agreement in place with our team and  regurarlty sign clients confidentinaity agreements.  For more inofrmaion about confidientialtyy at Transcriprt divas pleseas see here:


How do I pay?

We accept apyment via bank to bank transfers. We also accept cheques if youa re a regersited busienss or organisation with a ABN/ACN number. All teh Detials you need will be on your invocie.


How do I send you my recordings?

The best method is to either upload the recorinsg to our site (there is a space for this on page two of the order form) or if teh recoridng is large uplaod to drop box and send us teh link.

I am having trouble upaoding my recorindg

Most of teh time this is due to people uplaoding large recorindings directly to our site. LArge recoindgs atakje a long time to uplado, and Often internet conenctions drop out – most of the time we do not notice this,  When uplaoding to a website this results in the uplaod being lost. We recocoemdn you use dropbox for large recordings and use their deskto uploader. This little program enables uplaods to resume when the internet connection is lost.

Can I send you hardcopy?

Yes, BUT we only accept hardcopy sent by TRACKED COURIER to our office address. This is a firm policy, due to some clients dropping off hardcopy at the wrong address, or mislabelling snail mail, and hardcopy being lost in the post. Please respect our insistence on tracked courier hardcopy delivery.

 What type of file formats do you accept?

We accept most audio and video formats

AC Pro Pro
AIFC (Compressed AIFF) Pro Pro
AIFF Yes Yes
AU Pro Pro
CAF (Apple Core Audio Format) Pro Pro
DCT (Express DictateMSRS, etc.) Yes Yes
DS2 (DSS Pro) Pro Pro
DSS (Grundig, Olympus, Philips recorder) Pro
DSP TrueSpeech Pro
DVF (Sony recorder) Pro
DVS (Royal recorder) Pro
FLAC Pro Pro
OGG Pro Pro
M4A Pro Pro
MP2 Pro Pro
MP3 Yes Yes
MPC Pro Pro
MSV (Sony recorder) Pro
QCP Pro Pro
RA / RM (RealAudio) Pro
WAV (Including ADPCM, aLaw, GSM 6.10,
PCM, and uLaw codecs)
Yes Yes