Captioner Salary Australia


Captioning pay rates vary depending on if the captioning is Offline pre recorded material or Online and Live material. Offline is usually paid on a per minute basis of the video length where as online live captioning is paid per the hour of work done.



There appears to be a lot more information about pay rates and salary for online live work. Estimates range from $23 – $30 per hour of captioning work, to an average estimate of $40 per hour, or an average captioner salary of $82,317. With an entry level captioner (with 1-3 years experience) on an average salary of $61,903, and a senior captioner (with 8+ years experience) earning on average a salary of $98,139.


The offline captioning work environment is substantially different. Offline captioners are normally working from home rather than an office environment, and work without the time pressure of a “live” situation. Offline captioning appears to be paid considerably less compared to its live captioning counterpart. Offline captioners are normally paid on a per minute basis. Low rates within the industry do pose an issue,  with one company (now out of business) reported having been paying a mere $3.75 for every minute of video footage captioned. With offline captioning being more focused on being technically correct and achieving the Australian Closed Captioning Quality Standards,

Achieving 40 mins a day of captioned video that achieves the standard is seen as an acceptable outcome for a 8 hour work day, that is roughly 5 minutes of video per hour.