Action Notes

Get Clarity.
Identify Gaps.
Create Urgency.
Create Followups.
Engage a Wider Audience.

The meeting ends. Everyone is Motivated.
But what actually happens?
Left wondering where the momentum went?

Our experienced Australian based Personal Assistants can attend your meeting online. We will create concise, clear notes about what topics were covered, key ideas covered in each topic, and capture what commitments were made, with whom, by when.


People often leave a meeting without clarity on what was said and agreed on. Topics can quickly move into areas outside of a person’s expertise or agreements were too vague about who needs to be doing what, by when.


With clear notes, you will be able to see topics that were discussed but were overlooked in assigning next actions or goals. Use emailing meeting notes to revisit and reconfigure commitments, or even to assign a Steve Jobs inspired Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) for moving a topic forward.

Transcript Divas Meeting Notes


A good meeting can end on a high, with a motivated team eager to action what was discussed. But, with each passing hour, that momentum can be lost, as good intentions come head to head with ‘business as usual’. Capture the momentum. We can create meeting notes, and put together a final draft for you to review and distribute to your team, usually within 60 minutes of a meeting ending.


Not everyone is a self-starter and checking in with commitments is key to maintaining momentum and avoiding surprises. Clear meeting notes give an excellent jumping-off point, enabling people to ‘report back’ on progress, identify obstacles, and redefine the goals that were set in light of new information.


A clear set of meeting notes and next actions can keep a wider group informed without actually attending. Great for those higher up the chain or those further down. Aids transparency and creates buy-in.