My promise to every client – accurate, on time transcripts or they are free*

— Andrew Dodson, Founder and Director

About us

Transcript Divas Australia is an Australian registered Transcription Service (ABN 44 925 005 362). We have been operating since 2012, and carry both Professional Indemnity ($2M) and
Public Liability ($10M) Insurance.

My 200% Guarantee*

My on-time promise. I am serious about on-time delivery with a 200%  time-line guarantee. I guarantee if we are not exactly on time with your transcript, it will be free. I will also provide you with a credit for the same amount, a 200% on-time guarantee.

My accuracy promise. I believe in providing an accurate transcript. If you provide a clear recording, I promise you, you will receive a “US Courtroom” level, accurate transcript. If not, there will be no charge for receiving it and I will also provide a free credit for the same amount. I offer the only transcription service in the Austraila that will stand by their commitment to accuracy to this degree, a 200% accuracy guarantee.

Our story

My name is Andrew Dodson and I am the founder of Transcript Divas. After 6 years working as a social researcher in Public, Private and Charity Sector Research I founded Transcript Divas Australia. As a Qualitative Researcher, I worked with many different Transcription Services. I literally had hundreds of hours of interviews and discussions transcribed.

However, I found that transcript services could only offer, at best, a 24-hour turnaround.  No service ever offered any sort of guarantee that a transcript would actually turn up on time, or that it would be accurate. I felt in each project, that I just handed over my recordings to some online, faceless service and was left to hope for the best.

After a few let-downs – at critical moments – I went out and found my own typists. I sifted out the gold and formed a transcription team that I could rely on; a transcription team for me. After a while I started lending this team out to work friends and associates – then their associates. The processes become faster, the team grew, we got good reviews from clients, we started being listed on the 1st page of Google. Suddenly I had a transcription service. Transcript Divas had arrived!

The Diva Team

Andrew Dodson

Andrew Dodson, Divas Founder

Apart from Transcript Divas, Andrew works in evaluation and performance development and project management. Highlights so far include working in post-disaster recovery for the Red Cross in Christchurch, All Hands in Haiti, and in Cambodia for Oxfam.

I have been a part of the Transcript Divas management team since 2015. I strive to understand client problems and create solutions that work.  I am an experienced Project Manager and I am an expert in video captioning and have spent 4 years in Berlin working on the production of online education programs. I am passionate about Swing Dancing and you can find me at the Friday night swing dance jam nights – and if they one is on, the Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday nights as well. In fact, if there is a swing dance event happening I am probably there.   I also have developed a thing for designing kitsch postcards, circa 1976. Please give me a call or drop me an email to discuss any details or questions you have about your project – or 1970s postcards. I am here to help. Chat soon.