Do you do video transcription?

Yes. Videos can be uploaded directly to our website via the Send Us Your Recordings section of the order form. Alternatively, you can provide us with a URL if the video has been uploaded to the internet (on Dropbox, YouTube etc.), or send us hard copies through a courier.

Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

Yes. Simply select ‘More than two people talking’ under the How many people are talking section of the order form.

Can you transcribe certain sections of files only?

Yes. To request this, provide specifications in the Any Additional Instructions box towards the end of the order form.

Do you offer Zoom transcription?

Yes. We are happy to provide real-time transcriptions or pre-recorded audio/video online meeting transcriptions for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx etc.

Do you offer translation services?

Yes. We currently offer English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translated transcripts. All translations are carried out by a degree-qualified, USA-based professional translator, and can be requested under the Translation Needed section of the order form.

What do you transcribe?

At Transcript Divas, we transcribe everything from single-speaker dictations to multi-speaker meetings, in all industries ranging from the medical and legal spheres to retail and business. 

Strict vs. Intelligent. What types of transcription do you offer?

 Strict Verbatim – This is a complete transcription of every word spoken, every laugh, every umm and err, and every false start, stutter and repetition. The focus here is to capture any word uttered. 

Intelligent Verbatim – This excludes the umms and errs and false starts, but still includes all other speech, in order to provide a more reader-friendly transcript.

Do you off closed caption services?

Yes. Caption transcripts include every word spoken, with sound descriptors noted in brackets. For example, [laughter] or [music].

Tailored Transcription Services

At Transcript Divas, we are always happy to provide a tailored service for our clients. To request this service, select ‘Tailored’ under the Transcript Format section of the order form and provide a short example or list of guidelines you wish us to follow in the box provided.

Timecoding Transcripts.

We provide time coded, non-time coded, and tailored timecoding options as part of our service. Our standard timecoding service for interviews includes timecodes at the start of every response. For monologues and groups, timecoding will be included every 60 seconds or so. For a tailored timecoding service, select ‘Tailored Timecode’ under the Timecode Option section of the order form, and then include an example in the Any Additional Instructions box towards the end of the form.

Speaker ID

Transcript Divas denote speakers using the terms ‘Interviewer’ and ‘Respondent’. If you wish your transcript to include alternative Speaker ID, please specify so in the Any Additional Instructions section of the order form.