FAQ – Who. What. Where & When.

Who is Transcript Divas?

Established in 2013, Transcript Divas Inc. is a United States registered transcription service (5420745). Transcript Divas was founded by Andrew Dodson, a Researcher in Public Health to provide fast turnaround and trustworthy transcripts.

Can I speak to a real person on the phone?

Of course! Contact us at any time, Monday to Friday 8:00AM – 6:00PM. Our front desk team will put you straight through to either the Project Manager who is available 8am through to 6pm, human resources if you are calling about getting a job or the accounts team if it is about invoices and payment.  Our online chat also goes straight through to the Project Manager.

Why choose Transcript Divas?

Our 200% accuracy and timeline guarantee is unique. No other transcription company stands by their services like we do. We guarantee to provide courtroom level accuracy (over 99% on clear recordings) and return it before you need it. Every time. If not  – your transcript will be provided free of charge, alongside a full credit for a future project of the same value. That is our 200% guarantee. 

Who uses Transcript Divas?

Transcript Divas has worked with organizations across all industries. Our key audio and video service areas include Academic Transcription Services, Legal Transcription Services, and services to Media and Content Production companies. 

Who will transcribe my file?

Transcript Divas are based in the USA and predominantly on the East Coast. Each team member is interviewed, assessed and approved by us to ensure they can meet a deadline and meet the courtroom level of accuracy we guarantee.
The majority of our transcribing team have come from either the medical or legal fields, or are from the film and production industry. If your transcript will be particularly technical and specific to a certain field, you may wish to request a transcriber with experience in that field. Please let us know in the Any Additional Comments section of the order form.

Can I see a sample transcript?

Yes. Feel free to contact us to request one.