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Closed Captioning Services – Australian Standards.

Closed Captioning Services and Open Captioning Services are offered as part of Australian based Transcript Divas video and film transcription services. There can be confusion over what open and closed captioning (CC) are and where subtitles fit in. So let us clear that up with a quick definition.

Captioning is the process of displaying film and video dialogue as a running text-based transcript i.e. “captions” on the screen. Captions may also include descriptions of nonverbal sound (eg. “sound of gunfire”, “sound of a baby crying”).

” … a captioning service means a service in which captions are provided for programs, that enable the viewer to follow the speakers, dialogue, action, sound effects and music of a program…”  Australian Broadcasting Services (Television Captioning) Standard 2013

Closed Captioning Services vs. Open Captioning Services. Closed captions are the most common and are in essence a separate file to the video. The caption file creates a text based overlay on the video of the dialogue etc. The viewer can turn closed captions on and off. Open captions are different.

Open captions are inserted into the video file itself by a technician and are sometimes referred to as “burnt in” captions. Open captions are permanent and cannot be turned off.

Subtitling Services. Subtitling in the Northern Hemisphere refers to the process of displaying a translation of the film or video dialogue as text on the screen (e.g. a Chinese language film displaying English language subtitles). Outside of the northern hemisphere, subtitles and the process of subtitling,  are used interchangeably with the term “closed captioning” (for a more detailed description see: Wikipedia – Closed Captioning)



Closed Captioning Services & Subtitling Services

Our Caption Technicians will create your captions so they will exceed the Australian Captioning Quality Standard. See here: What do we mean by Quality Captioning?


We can provide closed captions (and subtitles) for a range of formats. On the order form just indicate what type of file you need. If you don’t know – please ask your post production video team. Which is the correct format will depend on where the video will be played and what platform or player will be used.

We can provide Captions directly for

> You Tube or

> Vimeo video

or we can send you your file in these common caption formats:
> .srt
> .vtt
> .sbv

We can also “open caption” and encode/burn into Video File the captions.





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